True Value Of Luxury


Maximum Guests 30

A Day on the YachtAbout 8 hours

Upon arriving at Liuqiu, you will be able to enjoy your time and the ocean uninterrupted. You can decide however you with to spend your time, whether to stay in the water as long as you wish or to spend time on the island.




    Maximum Guests 30

    2D1N Trip to Liuqiu2D1N

    For those wish to have the ultimate experience on a yacht and to commute to Liuqiu in a more private way, this trip is definitely the right choice for you. During your 90 -120 minutes of traveling time to Liuqiu, you could have a taste of what it is like to be a captain, navigating the yacht. Or if you prefer just to relax and enjoy the sun, the spacious bow deck is the spot for you.




      Maximum Guests 30

      Yachting Life - Fishing8 Hours

      Satisfy your pleasure -yachting, fishing, island hopping!